¿AEM web server no arranca? Cómo reiniciarlo con Apache Gogo


Hace unos días me pasó que para resetear unas cachés de un servicio, tenía que reiniciar el web server Jetty de AEM. Normalmente en circunstancias como esta, hubiese sido mejor reiniciar el servidor y déjarse de rollos, pero no tenía acceso ssh por consola a la máquina remota y era la única forma. En cualquier […]

AEM web server doesn’t start? How to restart it with Apache Gogo


Some days ago I had to restart the AEM Jetty web server to reset some service caches. Usually it would be much better to restart AEM and keep life simple, but I hadn’t ssh access to that remote machine. Nevertheless and independently how you may come across to this situation, this post will help you if […]

Trying to integrate Sightly with AngularJS in AEM6.

Hi all, today I was trying to use AngularJS with Sightly in AEM6. You may ask how did I come to this situation. Well, the point is that I need to develop a Filter component, that depending on the user’s input, filters some subcomponents to be loaded. My happy idea was to load have a […]

How to increase AEM’s recent requests number

The “Recent Requests” is a very useful feature on the OSGi Felix Console to know what going on at each request, how is Sling resolving the resources and that can help us a lot when something isn’t working properly. This feature is limited by default to show us the last 20 requests, this is obviously […]

How to install AEM 5.6.1 on an application server like Tomcat

  Many companies have already invested money on having their technological stack running on a concrete application server and/or they may want to profit from the benefits of an application server so. Although CQ comes already shipped as a standalone application that can be executed by itself, with it’s own servlet engine, you can also […]