The 7 most common reasons for having Flaky tests in Ruby on Rails

In this post I will share with you the 7 most common reasons for Flaky tests in Ruby on Rails, but before I start, let me define what a flaky test is to ensure that we are all on the same page. What are flaky tests? As a developer there is probably nothing more annoying […]

Include, prepend and extend with Ruby modules

In my previous post we saw how to add functionality to already existing objects thanks to the decorator pattern. Particularly, we discussed how to add more equipment (shield and armor) to different King objects which by default only had a sword. We also saw how to do it the Ruby way, mixing modules. But what […]

How to tell a good test story with RSpec

The problem Are you having trouble understanding your test suites? Do you find yourself scrolling up and down over a spec file to find where that method comes from? Are your specs difficult to read? If you use RSpec in your daily job I am pretty sure this will sound familiar to you. RSpec is […]

First impressions about Ruby

Since a few months I started to have interest on the Ruby programming language. As I am an agile enthusiast, I also wanted to give a try to a language that focus itself on coding and not on superfluous keywords or programming conventions, to a web framework (RoR, more of this on later posts) that […]