This is a very simple trick that I had to use yesterday in work. What can you do if you want some content on a server and you want to test it on another one? Or if you have some functions, or even an application and you want to install it on another CQ Instance? You can create a package for that.

Create a Package

Open your CQ Package Manager, it is usually located at http://yourhost:port/crx/packmgr/index.jspClick on “create package”.

Insert a name for it and a version(optional).

You can also select another package group. Click OK.

New package
Create package
 Now you have your package created, click on Edit.
Ready to edit
Click on edit
Select the tab “Filters” and click on “Add filter”.
Select your path in the content tree and click on “Done”, after that “Save” your preferences.
Set the filter
Add filters

Click on “Build” to build your package, confirm.

Package built
Package built
Congratulations! Now you can distribute your content with other people and share what you have created. If you also want to share this article, go and spread it. See you!