After 15 minutes trying to figure out why Slick wan’t giving me the possibility to filter an Option column, I will write a little post about it.

Base camp

My problem started because of the schema definition that I had. Notice that in order to tell Slick that it should map bar as Option, I was doing it with bar.?

In the DAO I want to have a method that filters the rows for which bar is empty. With the initial schema definition, the methods isNull & isNotNull from trait ColumnExtensionMethods are deprecated. As everyone already knows, it isn’t a good idea to use deprecated methods, because the sooner or later they will be removed and that would make upgrades a harder task.

isEmpty & isDefined

Looking below at the code, I realized that the methods that I was looking for, isEmpty & isDefined, were defined inside the class AnyOptionExtensionMethods. In order to be able to use them, simply modify your schema definition by using column[Option[String]] instead of column[String]. Notice that for the mapping I don’t use .? anymore.

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