As in our technical world, when we start with a new programming language or an emergent technology we write a Hello world example, I will do the same with my blog. I was thinking about the idea of opening a blog long time ago, and here it comes to reality.
In this space I want to share my knowledge and to increase it together, I want to learn with you, I want to order my ideas, to share the solutions for problems that took me a lot of time to resolve. Problems that several times I wasn’t able even to find a solution on the internet.
I will write this blog in English. I refused to the comforts of writing in my native language or the temptation of writing in German, the language I use in office. I choose English  in order to reach more people and to practice it more. Please, feel free to correct me if you find something wrong.
This journey starts here.
Thank you all in advance,
Alberto Almagro

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