Hi all, I hope you enjoyed the weekend! Today we will end our Scrum Team overview presenting the role of the Scrum Master.

There is only one Scrum Master per Scrum Team. The Scrum Master is a managing position responsible of ensuring that Scrum is understood and enacted, they achieve it ensuring that the Scrum Team adheres to the Scrum theory, practices and rules. He/she helps the people outside the team to interact with the Scrum Team in order to increase the value created.

The Scrum Master can give service to the different Scrum Teams roles and to the company in the following ways.

Scrum Master service to the Product Owner

  • Finding techniques for effective Product Backlog management.
  • Clearly communicating vision, goals and Product backlog items to the Development Team.
  • Teaching the Scrum Team to create clear and concise Product Backlog items.
  • Understanding long-term product planning in an empirical environment.
  • Understanding and practicing agility.
  • Facilitating Scrum Events as requested or needed.

Scrum Master service to the Development Team

  • Coaching them in self-organization and cross-functionality.
  • Teaching and leading them to create high-value products.
  • Removing impediments to their progress.
  • Facilitating Scrum Events as requested or needed.
  • Coaching them in organizational environments in which Scrum is not yet fully adopted or understood.

Scrum Master service to the Organization

  • Leading and coaching the organization in its Scrum adoption.
  • Planning Scrum implementations within the organization.
  • Helping employees and stakeholders understand and enact Scrum and empirical product development.
  • Causing change that increases the productivity of the Scrum Team.
  • Working with other Scrum Masters to increase the effectiveness of the application of Scrum in the organization.
The next post about Scrum will start with the Scrum Events.

Source: Scrum Guide and my summaries about it.

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