Hi! This isn’t a technical entry but one to tell you what is going on in my mind. One post to tell you the things I want to introduce into this blog. Things I want to test.

Let’s start!

Ruby on Rails

Since July 2017 I have been contributing to the Ruby on Rails framework… but I haven’t talked here about it yet! That’s wrong because I see and contribute to interesting topics, new stuff that is going to come, and I think I could give you some value if I start sharing this. My next post will be about that.

Remote work

I also have been working remotely since February 2017. I will start also sharing my experience about remote work. I will include topics like: work environment, how is my daily routine, rants, pros&cons, tools I use, values, planning, how not to mix your housework with your office work, how it all started, how can this benefit your company, your health and your work life balance. I hope you’ll like it.

Refactorings & Patterns

I have enjoyed patterns since I discovered them. That was at the University, when I met the GoF in the subject “Information System Design” given by one of the best teachers I had, Víctor Gulías (RIP). It continued during my Java days by reading lots of books related to this topic and experiencing how they work when they get into action on the projects I have been involved. Ruby, of course, hasn’t been an exception. I will also share with you some of the knowledge I have packed about this topic over the years.

Renewing my site

I have already started with this. It isn’t the first time I change my web, in fact it is constantly changing, but as I recently swapped its theme I will take the chance to continue cleaning and adding sections to it. I will remove things that don’t make sense anymore and add new stuff, stay tuned!


One of the things I will add to my site are… YouTube videos! This is crazy and I must confess it’s kinda embarrassing to me. Remember: I’m used to be behind a screen and not in front of the camera, but I have wanted to do this for years. I even started recording some videos about AEM that never got published, and that is because I didn’t get serious about it, and it’s sad because someone could have profited from them. Anyway, you can’t change the past, but shape the future. And some of the topics I announced above will come in video format.

Regarding this, I have my doubts about doing videos in English, in Spanish or in both languages… That’s something YOU can tell me in the comments, which one would you prefer? If nobody reads this or nobody wants to answer I will then choose on my own, but you’ll miss your chance 😉


Curves ahead! As always, thanks for reading this. If you missed something or you want to talk with me about the new stuff to come, please leave me a comment below now!

3 Responses

  1. Why don’t you give your german a spin in the videos 😉 Looking forward to see you on screen! Take care.

    1. Hi Alex!!! Wow! It’s great to see you here!!! German would be interesting to me so I don’t loose it! Speaking about German language, this week I will be in Vienna for Euruko 2018 😉

  2. I think you should make the vídeos in the language you think will have the greatest impact. Looking forward to hear from you!