The Sprint review is done at the end of the Sprint which the goal of inspecting the increment and adapt the Product Backlog. It is time-boxed to 4 proportional hours.

It is an informal meeting to get feedback and increase collaboration, done between the Scrum Team and the Stakeholders, to review what was done in the Sprint and enumerate next things that could be done.

We can resume this Event in five steps:

  1. The Product Owner identifies what is “Done” and what not, according to the Scrum Team’s definition of “Done”.
  2. The Development Team discuses what went well, which problems appeared and the solutions implemented to resolve them.
  3. The Development Team shows the “Done” work and answers questions about it.
  4. The Product Owner discusses the Product Backlog and forecasts the project’s completion date based on what is done.
  5. The group collaborates on what to do next, this can be used to as input for the next Sprint Planning Meeting.
Source: Scrum Guide and my summaries about it.