Hi everyone! These last months have been a very intense time. I have relocated my residence back in Spain and the three projects in which I have been working for the last two years went last week live. Yohoo!

Now I come back full of energy and with lots of new projects in mind. The first one, will go live this Thursday, sorry because it is only in Spanish at the moment, but I felt my country first needs help on this topic now. I am really happy about it and convinced that it will hep you. We are almost there! On Thursday I will tell you more about it! Wait until then.

Besides that, I want all my projects to have something in common. I want them to help you. I have thought on several topics. I want you to choose the ones that most interest you. Of course, if another topic which is not in the list comes to your mind, write me a comment and leave your suggestion.

Not everyday someone comes and tells you to ask what you want, right? So, start asking! Write me a comment with your suggestion now!

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